Wild Beauty

Warrior Botanicals is a small-batch, handcrafted, all natural personal care brand homegrown in West Cork, Ireland, founded by Reidin Beattie. Reidin's parents run the local health food store in Clonakilty and she grew up using natural products but the one thing that she could never find was a natural deodorant that actually worked. After reluctantly carrying a conventional one around for years she started making her own using ingredients from her kitchen that she then perfected to share with others. 

We are passionate about creating simple and effective products using organic, wild-crafted and ancient ingredients all sustainably sourced from our sweet Mamma Earth and we believe wholeheartedly in nurturing our skin with nature. After all, our skin is the largest organ in the body and the fastest at absorbing chemicals, so it deserves to fed and supported with wholesome natural ingredients. We never use additives such as aluminium sulphate, parabens, sodium lauryl sulphates or other harmful chemicals which are frequently found in commercial cosmetic products. 

Although we have some old favourites that stand strong, many of our products are seasonal and released as limited editions.

We are committed to using the least amount of plastic packaging and all products are wrapped in recyclable paper and glass jars.

Our ethos is simple. Swim in the sea, respect the trees, walk barefoot, follow the sun and breathe. The moon is your mother. Be kind to others but especially to yourself. Speak the truth. Don't wait time worrying about looks or getting old. Love yourself from deep within. You have a Wild beauty.  

 We are inspired by ancient Ireland,  19th century botanical illustrations, Emily Dickinson, wise women, the Romantic Art and Poetry movement, Mysore yoga, native studies of plant medicine, 1970's Morocco, Renaissance recipees and much much more... 

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