Meadowsweet Tea Infusions


A recipe for meadowsweet and lemon balm tea

Pick fresh flowers on a sunny day and add 1-2 handfuls to a teapot with equal amounts fresh lemon balm and pour over hot water (I like to let the kettle boil + cool for a few minutes). Let to steep for a few minutes and then pour and enjoy. 

To drink as an infusion, pour the hot water over in the evening and leave to brew for the evening, then strain in the morning and add honey to sweeten if desired and sip throughout the day. 

A recipe for meadowsweet forest tea

My most recent favourite forest tea is fresh meadowsweet flowers, self heal leaves and blackberry leaves. Its soothing sweet flavour and little kick are a beautiful and deeply connective way to soak in the forest. Gently pick about a handful of the plant elements in roughly equal parts and pour over hot water. Straining optional. 

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