Galz Gone Wild - Warrior Botanicals Workshop

Gals gone Wild 5.jpeg

In late September we held a weekend workshop with Galz Gone Wild - a community connecting women to nature and the outdoors through weekly meet-ups and adventures.

We opened our studio doors to our guests, sharing folklore and our beloved herbal practices. On the Saturday, guided by Reidin, we foraged for herbs and flowers amongst local woodland, learning about the plants that live and grow in our wild landscape and how we can forage sustainably, respectfully and reverentially, honour the generosity of plants and tend the land where we live.

On Sunday we spent the day in the studio exploring skincare practices, breaking down conventional narratives around beauty and skin care and, drinking herbal teas and making skincare preparations. From home hydrosol distillation to herbal healing oils to protective balms we combined local and nurturing ingredients with old methods and the elements to make nourishing offerings for our skin.

We hope you enjoy looking through the photos!

All photos by Madeline MulQueen

Reidin Beattie