Mike of Artemesia


As the seasons change and the evenings start to grow darker and deeper, I feel less inclined to sip herbal infusions and feel ever more drawn to hot velvety teas and creamy brews. Warming herbal milks are probably my favourite ritual for soothing the soul as the cold creeps in and winter beckons us closer into her cloak. There is so many different plants that you can use ~ cinnamon and ginger to warm, rosehip + elderberry for immunity, rose for soothing but this recipe calls for mugwort, knowing and wise, mother of dreams, connecter to spirits. 

I’m writing this on the 10th of October and Samhain is drawing close, the feeling of the veils lifting is tangible in the coolness of the air. It’s the perfect time for deepening ones dreams and endeavouring to go deeper. Mugwort will help you to make this journey. 

Best sipped, curled up and cosy, before bed with your journal and some time to sip and think. If you are seeking to deepen your dreams it is worthwhile to make that your intention while taking in the medicine or call in whatever you are seeking and offer thanks to the plants and animal that have offered you this moment. I always keep my journal by my bed in case I have messages to scribe upon waking and I always make sure to turn off any electrical devices and put my phone on airplane mode as the signals they emit can penetrate dreams and also negatively affect our sleeping patterns and cellular health. 


To read more about the benefits and qualities of mugwort you can read my mugwort profile here but in short it has been known to aid cramps, PMS and irregularity during mensuration, during menopause, and as a warming aid in onset of the cold or flu. 


Milk of your choice

Dried or fresh Mugwort (I use artemisia vulgaris  but you can also use the bigger leafed artemisia douglasiana


Dried or fresh Lavender

Dried or fresh Chamomile

Dried or fresh rose petals 

Raw Honey to sweeten

My favourite milk to use is raw sheep or goat milk but calming oat or almond will work just as well.


Tie some dried mugwort lavender and chamomile or other herbs of your choice together in some clean muslin or cotton cloth. If you have a pestle and mortar you can grind them up a little to start the extraction process or use a scissors to cut them into smaller

Add your bundle to a pot of milk and warm gently on the stove, gently stirring the milk as you do so. 

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When the milk is warm enough, remove from the heat and gently press the milk out of the bundle, removing it from the pot (Can be used later to add to your bath or offered to the land/compost). As a little honey to taste if desired. 

Pregnant and breastfeeding women are advised to research mugwort thoroughly before use. 

Reidin Beattie