Ritual with Aisling Dream Oil

An illustration from Jules Verne’s novel “Around the Moon” drawn by Émile-Antoine Bayard and Alphonse de Neuville

An illustration from Jules Verne’s novel “Around the Moon” drawn by Émile-Antoine Bayard and Alphonse de Neuville


Before sleep, in the silver light of the moon, is a point of reflection and an opening to the dream world. To aid you on your evenings journey we have blended a body oil infused with mugwort, a sacred herb that has long been associated with the moon, lucid dreams and accessing the spirit realm. In keeping with Mugwort’s feminine energy we’ve added soothing lavender and chamomile to our Aisling Dreaming Oil. 

Aisling, meaning vision in Irish, is to be lovingly anointed with intention before sleep or meditation. We use it in our Dreaming Ritual, a short and restorative ritual to guide you into a deep and peaceful night of dreams. 

~ Find a sacred space within your home or tuck yourself into bed. For the morning, leave a notebook and pen close to hand.

~ Light a candle and with intention apply 10-20 drops of Aisling oil to your belly, heartspace or anoint your temples. Before the oil meets your skin bring your hands to your nose and enjoy the aroma of the sacred herbs, allowing the scent to fill your senses and give gratitude for their wisdom and guidance for the night ahead. 

~ Loving apply Aisling to your chosen place, taking care to feel the oil on your hands, heart and entire body, letting the plants work their magic as they soak into your skin.  

~ As your close your eyes and sit or lie in the flickering candle light envision a green liquid, warmly and softly making its way from your toes, through your legs, across your back, belly and chest into your arms, throat before sitting gently in your third eye centre. 

~ This green orb, it’s honey like liquid now glowing in your entire body, embodies the essence of Mugwort. A healing, protective and feminine guide  that will assist your journey into the dream realm. 

~ If you need to move, rub your hands together and place over your eyes (before opening) to bring you back into your space. If not let yourself be lulled into sleep. 

~ As your rise in the morning light, find your pen and write down your dreams. Make note of their wisdom and offerings.


~ This ritual can be practice with the luna cycle, on the new moon, with your own cycle, in the first few days of menstruation or anytime that you want to delve further into your dreams.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women are advised to research mugwort thoroughly before use.

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